21/06/06 - Once again?

Start: La Baie, QC
End: Brownsburg-Chatham, QC
Km travelled: 616
Km Total: 6159

Today I ended up in the same camping as I did on my way east. It's still a good camping so no sad thoughts for that, but it's still a strange feeling of not finding any other camping. Almost all I passed today had turned into a waterland, playground or another fancy family institution or ski resort that I didn't felt to make a stop at. 

Started the day on a quite boring road out of La Baie, it was more like a one lane motorway aka no twisty roads but as lucky as I am it only lasted for 170km. After that the roads when from good to worse which in my mind is from bad to good... :) I found a 20km stretch of road that, so far, has been the funniest, most twisty tarmac road in the eastern part of Canada. It all started in Chertsey, QC, as I went highway 125 north-east, turned into a road towards Mont Rolland (Road 370). At the beginning of this road I first thought I managed to hit the least managed road in Canada, it was bumpy, potholes and generally bad maintenance but after a few kilometer it all cleared up and all you have to concentrate on is the road, the twisted road.

Doesn't look to twisty but it was later on.


I was smiling in the helmet and screaming out of joy! Damn that was a fun road.

Around Sainte Adéle I started to look for somewhere to camp but Sainte Adéle is a ski resort and nothing even looked to be in my price range, no camping to be found so i set my mind upon Brownsburg-Chathamn again but this time I really managed to get around Montreal instead of straight through it. Went through Piedmont and Lachute on route 329 which turned into be a very nice road to take. Not the best twisty but very nice surrounding and pittoresque places.

In the end it turned out to be the longest day so far in the trip but now I only have a few more miles to ride until I'm at the Central Ontario RFS, which could be good so that I have time to clean the bike and take a thorough look at it before the RFS ride. Might not be as challenging as the Maritime one but who knows.

IfI have the time I might hit the road for Niagra Falls on Friday before the ride, Caisa told me it's a halfday trip which suits me perfect.